Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY hair chalk!

I decided the other day to do hair chalking on myself. I love doing crazy things to my hair but I didn't want it to be too permanent because of my job. I bought my box of soft pastels at walmart for $6. I was sad they didn't have any purples or pinks in the box. Now it's important that you use soft pastels and NOT oil pastels for reasons I hope people understand! Ok so the steps I used.

1. Get your hair ready. I just washed my hair and let it air dry so it wasn't super wet.

2. Choose the colors you want to use. I used dark blue, dark green and a light Tiffany blue color.

3. Put on a shirt you don't mind getting chalk dust all over.

4. Take a section of whatever size you'd like, I did smaller sections. Pick one color to work with. Rub the section with the chalk, twisting the hair as you apply the chalk. You can go up as high as you want. Work all the way around your hair in each of the colors.

5. Let the hair finish drying.

6. Last but not least. Plug in a curling iron or flat iron and style your hair. I opted for curling because I like my hair curly. This is very important to set the chalk in your hair.

7. Have fun rocking your new cute do!

Sidenote: they say to not apply the chalk on wet hair if you are a blonde. I did it anyways so we'll see how long the colors stay in.

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