Friday, October 5, 2012

Floral Obsession

SOrry for the lack of posts. Had teeth pulled on Monday and not been up to posting. Heres an outfit I wore to work on Wednesday. Thrusday was all cleaning and not much to post about!

When? October 3rd, 2012
Where? Work and errands

Outfit details:
Black skirt: F21
White cami: Target
Mustard Cardigan: F21
Belt: came with cardigan
Scarf: F21( two years ago)
Shoes: Payless

Makeup was not that amazing due to lack of energy! Ill be posting todays outfit tomorrow! Going to be playing catch up. So excited though about my glasses from BonLook! They are finally in Spokane, yet to be delivered to my house but Im crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

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