Thursday, September 20, 2012

A little Peplum talk

When: September 20th, 2012
Where: Work

Outfit details
Skirt: black pencil stretch. F21(summer 2012)
Top: mustard gold. F21(summer 2010)
Sweater: grey three button. Target (winter 2011)
Shoes. Burgundy suade. Target( Clearance fall 2011)
Necklace. F21(fall 2011)
Belt. Leopard print. F21(spring 2012)

"Heavens to Betsy! burgundy"
Mary Kay products, Sonia Kashuk products and NYC products.
Foundation: time wise matte wear in ivory 6(MK)
Blush: Sunset(Sonia Kashuk)
Bronzer: Central Park pink( NYC)
Eyeshadow(all MK)
Honey spice( midtone)
Coal( crease)
Truffle( pop of color in crease)
Sweet Plum( layered over truffle)

Eyeliner:(MK) luxury liner in black( seasonal product, no longer available)

Mascara:(MK) lash love waterproof in I heart black

Lipstick:(MK) Sunset.

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