Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cold creams and silk gloves

Lets talk about skin care! For most of my young teen life, I didn't care that much about my skin. I was one of the lucky people who didn't really break out with acne, and when I did it was in the notorious chin and nose area. So I did what I thought was the best idea, wipe the area clean with some rubbing alcohol and put on some acne gel from like clearasil on and call it good. I'd get overly dry skin because I was putting rubbing alcohol on it, so to combat the dry skin issue, I'd use St Ives apricot scrub to get rid of the dry skin. I rarely put on moisturizer, and when I did it was regular hand lotion.

Oi vey my skin care regime was a wreck! Thankfully my older sister had started selling Mary Kay and had a party with my younger sisters, some friends of ours and I. I was introduced to the velocity skin line( for teens). My face was so very happy with me! I used the great face wash and gel and watch my face adjust to the new products. It stopped drying out, my even rare acne slowed way down.

Once I graduated and moved away from home I just automatically graduated from the velocity line to the Mary Skin adult skin care line. My sister in law Caitlin became my consultant and got me hooked( it's like a drug y'all!) I started using the regular skin care line and was pleased with the results. Now I'm not perfect and make sure I'm doing the whole regime every single night, well because honestly, I'm human and have lazy moments! But I will say this, skin care is one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself and you will never regret taking care of your face, I can guarantee it!

People our skin doesn't just go from acne prone teen years into sleep mode to then start aging, no siree! It goes from being young, taut, to aging overnight! We need to lovingly take care of it! As a very pale skinned person, I am very susceptible to sunburns, freckles, and sun spots. But since I've taken care of my skin since I was in high-school I haven't damaged it with the sun I've got some pretty nice skin if i do say so myself. At 27 years old, I have nary a wrinkle or crows feet etching its way onto my face, and its all because I pamper my skin! I still break out with acne about once a month unless I make a preemptive strike against it.(I will talk about that in a later post)

With that being said, let me introduce to you the products I use at night(in the order of use) to help keep my skin young, beautiful, and healthy.

First off I start with Oil free eye makeup remover

This stuff is AMAZING! It removes all your beautiful makeup off with very little effort. You shake the bottle up, put some on a cotton ball or cotton pad, place it gently on lashes, and wait a few seconds, the gently 
wipe. It takes little effort to remove all trace of makeup!

Then I wash my face with TimeWise 3-In-1 cleanser
I love this product. Mark Kay has a few kinds to choose from. I use the purple line because I have oily/combination skin. The face wash is a clear gel with purple beads in it that help to exfoliate my skin, it freshens and cleanses away all dirt and impurities that are on my skin.

Then if I'm dealing with an acne breakout, which right now I am, up by my temples and a few spots on my chin and nose, I use Blemish control toner 3. It's 2% salicylic acid, which is just enough to dry up the acne but not my whole face. It's got a cool tingly feeling to it which is great because you can feel it working.

Next up I use an Acne treatment gel on the spots only. It is 5% Benezoyl peroxide. Gentle on my skin and doesn't stink like others can.

I follow that with my TimeWise targeted action eye revitalizer It helps keep the dark circles away and it's great to help reduce puffiness under the eye with the cool metal ball in the bottle that you roll on under your eye.

At night I put on my TimeWise night solution It's got lots of amazing vitamins, nutrients and collagen peptides that your skin needs. It comes with little pink and purple beads that burst and release the vitamins into the clear gel so that they are being directly applied to your skin.

Then I apply my face moisturizer. I use TimeWise age fighting moisturizer in the same purple line as my face wash as it caters to oily combination skin. This is one of the biggest things I stress on! Moisturize! I hate leaving the house or going to bed with out it on!

And last but certainly never least I apply my Lash & brow building serum This stuff, well I can't live without it now! It helps lengthen and make your lashes fuller and thicker. I have seen so much length and fullness in my lashes, that I never have to use false lashes anymore!

Then I apply a little bit of lip balm to keep my pout looking full and healthy! Then it's off to bed to get up and start my morning regime!

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