Saturday, September 29, 2012

Closet Revamping 101: Part 2

Part 2: Assessing.
 In case those of you are new to my blog, I've been on a mission to revamp my closet into a "working closet." I've been inspired by Kendi of  kendieveryday. She has a guide on how to create a working closet and so I've dived right into my closet and I'm following her rules to the 't.' Last week I talked about purging my closet. That for me was very very easy. If your are interested in part 1, please click on the tab that says closet revamping and you can read it there. 

Ok enough of the tangents  Lets get down to brass tacks here. So the next step on Kendi's list is 'assessing'. Well what does that mean? She says you are to assess your closets needs. That's right your closet, not you. In order to have a fully working closet, you need to stock your closet full of items to help you achieve your goal. To do that you need to take inventory of everything your closet holds, whether its actually writing it down or making a metal list in your head.

This is an idea what my list of a few items in my closet looks like.
Black pencil skirt
Grey pencil skirt
Navy pencil skirt
white blouse
pink blouse
black trousers
grey trousers
mustard cardigan
grey cardigan
skinny jeans

Basically you go through your closet and make sure you have the staple pieces in a wardrobe, for example, basic black skirt, a blouse, trousers, flats, a sweater and a belt. If you have all of these items great, if you don't then write down the items you need and carry it with you in your purse, so that the next time you go shopping you can pull it out and add it to your closet. The goal is to create a closet that works, that you can walk into and pull out any of the items in it and create an outfit without much thinking about it.

I've pared my wardrobe down to the basics. I have a few pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts, quite a bit of skirts, some dresses and sweaters. I had gotten rid of the excess. Now that I've assessed my closet, I'm able to easily pick out items and create different outfits and different combos that I've never thought of before. 

Now after you've gotten the list of what your closet needs, you write a list of what YOU want. For example, I didn't need a plaid wool shirt, but I wanted one, and knew that I would wear it to work, to hang out in the house with or go out and hang with friends. I can wear it with a pencil skirt, boots and some knee high socks and have a cute outfit for work. Or I can pair it with my skinny jeans and rain boots and a slouchy hat for a more casual look. I can also put on regular jeans and my ariats, ball cap, aviators, and a puffy vest and have a great winter time running errands look. For a girls night out, throw on a pair of heels, the plaid shirt and a blazer and voila a cute trendy outfit. 

You've got to know how every piece in your closet works together. Play dress up, learn, experiment, get to know your closet. You can have a lot of fun with your clothes once you get rid of the excess and build a solid foundation to your closet. The key is that with every piece in your closet, you should be able to make at least 5 different outfits out of it. 

Good luck! 

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