Friday, September 28, 2012

Lets make a statement

Ive been on a large statement necklace kick this last week and decided to share with you all, a simple alternative to the expensive ones you find in most stores. These are all from  Forever 21 and cost no more than $15.00.

Lets make a statement

Lets make a statement by rachelkdavis featuring a layered necklace

From left to right, top to bottom.
1. Forever 21 Opaque teardrop necklace $15.00
2. Faux Marble Nugget necklace $9.80
3. Rhinestone Link Bib necklace $14.80
4. Colored Bead necklace $6.80
5. Lace Rosette Necklace $10.80
6. Teardrop Bib necklace $12.80
7. Layered Pearlescent necklace $8.80
8. Colored Rhinestone Chain necklace. $8.80

I actually bought the teardrop necklace in a pretty green and gold combo, and remember when wearing a statement piece to keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum and really let your statement piece shine!!


  1. omg I love the blue one :)
    amazing post!

    1. Ah thanks! I saw that one and feel in love with it! I need to order it because the store in my town doesn't carry it oh well. I wore the teardrop bib necklace in the gold and seafoam green out last night and numerous comments on it! Love a good statement piece! And thanks for dropping by Ill stop by your blog and follow you!